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Below are links to job seeking advice and few reputable job search sites for medical transcription jobs, both for work-at-home transcriptionists and in-house workers. Be wary of any company that asks you to give them money up front to purchase software or supplies in order to work; reputable employers will supply their workers with any special software programs they need.
Landing that first transcription job:
Finding your first paying transcription job can feel like a difficult task. There are many ways to approach this goal.
Medical Transcription Resumes:
Click here for resume tips and a sample medical transcription resume.
Finding Job Opportunities
As an entry-level medical transcriptionist, it may seem that finding your first medical transcription job is nearly impossible. With just a little imagination and broadening your job search, you will certainly find a transcription job within the medical field....(continue)
The Online Resource for Medical Transcription Professionals
MT Jobs
This site has a nice-sized job bank and search options. Although most of their jobs offered seem to be companies looking for well-experienced transcriptionists, occasionally you can find a job open to newbies.
Medical Transcription Job Opportunities
Volunteering is a terrific way to brand yourself as a person who is serious about the medical transcription career. Veteran medical transcriptionists will take notice of you, and that will open the doors to medical transcription job opportunities in the future....(continue)
Applying For A Medical Transcription Job.
There are two ways to search for medical transcription jobs - online or through a subcontracted transcription services. If you apply online, you become an independent contractor, while through a subcontracted transcription services you become an employee - either way, your job will be entirely the same....(continue)
Step-by-Step Resume Help
Experience, Education, Equipment: the big three that employers look for in a new candidate. The key to a good resume is to showcase the skills that you have....(continue)
MT Wanted
Has a few searchable want-ads for Medical Transcription Jobs.  
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