Sample Medical Reports

Practice Makes Perfect with Sample Medical Reports

Whether you are going through your medical transcription training or you are newly graduated and waiting to land your first job, it is a good idea to get your hands on as much practice dictation and sample transcription as possible.

Make sure that you only download files from reputable sites. Choose a good variety of specialties and accents. The best option is to find dictation along with the corresponding transcript.  Fine-tune your ear, by listening to the dictation while you read along with the transcription key. 

MT Samples is a site that has a great variety of sample medical reports organized by specialty. Multiple specialties are available, each with several reports to learn from.

MT´╗┐ Daily

MTDaily also has a decent collection of sample transcription reports. The organization could be better, but it is worth checking out.

Health Professions Institute

HPI has a few sample dictations for download for free.  Don't forget to download the key that goes with each. has an extensive database of practice transcription and dictation that is available to our readers. At this time, the database is being reviewed and updated for our new website. Please join our newsletter to receive updates on the progress. We hope to have it available soon.

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