Research Medical Terms & Phrases

This is a collection of general research tools for medical transcriptionists to easily find medical terms and phrases. Bookmark this page to have them all in one easy-to-find spot!

National Cancer Institute:

Searchable and alphabetical listings related to oncology and cancer treatment subspecialties.

Medline Plus

Medical dictionary, drug reference, and physician directories.


Search by entering a phrase or word, or alphabetically

Custom Medical Term Search

Use our custom search engines to search relevant sites for medical terms and phrases.


Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity

The AHDI, formerly referred to as AAMT, is widely recognized in the Medical Transcription field. They are the source of credentials of Certified Medical Transcriptionists as well as the distributors of the Book of Style, which is one of the most popular and accepted desk references for transcriptionists. Membership benefits include professional support, networking and advertising opportunities.

City Lookup Assistant:

WebMD has a feature to look up city names. If you are stuck on the spelling of a city that you need for your report, use this handy tool. Includes all 50 states.


This site has an extensive online dictionary, a separate medical dictionary, and sound files you can click on to hear how the word is pronounced. Very handy!

This is an on-line dictionary that has a wildcard function, so you can look up parts of a word. If you know you hear "___adone" you can type in "*adone" and it will find all words that have those letters at the end of the word. Very handy!

Professional Medical Transcription Supplies
As a transcriptionist working remotely from home, it will be your responsibility to purchase and maintain your own equipment and software necessary to do the job. Here is a list of medical transcription supplies that every professional medical transcriptionist needs.
Medical Transcription Word Differentiation
Medical language is full of confusing terms, abbreviations and variations. Medical transcriptionists are medical language specialists, who must determine proper usage of medical terms, abbreviations, and phrases within medical reports. Word differentiation is an important skill for any medical transcriptionist. Here is a list of common medical word sound-alikes.