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Your time is money!

When medical transcriptionists aren't typing, they are busy researching!  Researching skills are one of the most important parts of your transcription toolkit. Stop wasting your time doing internet searches, and then sifting through all the sites that come up to find the one that has the information you are looking for. We hope you find this collection of medical transcription resources helpful for your research.

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Medical Transcription Resources

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Community Forums

Medical Transcriptionists often rely on support and networking with peers in order to make their work day go more smoothly. Some boards are used primarily for chat, some are for word help and job searching, and others have archives of word lists and other great resources that have become a searchable treasure chest for transcriptionists looking for answers to questions.

Medical Transcription Resources for Research

The internet is a priceless resource for today's Medical Transcriptionist, but sifting through hundreds of web pages to find the resources you are looking for is a waste of time. We have compiled an excellent list of useful website links to help your research more efficiently and quickly.