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Lab Tests Online

Use the drop down list titled "TESTS" to get a long list of available lab tests. If you choose one of them, you will be taken to a page with information about that test. Good, quick reference.

Lab Corp

This site is great! This is one long page of alphabetically-listed lab tests that are all clickable links to descriptions of that particular test. Very handy. Use Ctrl+F to search for a term or phrase on the list.

Laboratory Test Guide:

This is a handbook for laboratory values. It is being updated often and has a lot of good information. You can choose to browse alphabetically or use the search function on the site.

Professional Medical Transcription Supplies
As a transcriptionist working remotely from home, it will be your responsibility to purchase and maintain your own equipment and software necessary to do the job. Here is a list of medical transcription supplies that every professional medical transcriptionist needs.
Medical Transcription Word Differentiation
Medical language is full of confusing terms, abbreviations and variations. Medical transcriptionists are medical language specialists, who must determine proper usage of medical terms, abbreviations, and phrases within medical reports. Word differentiation is an important skill for any medical transcriptionist. Here is a list of common medical word sound-alikes.