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Welcome to Transcription411, the online resource for medical transcription

students and professionals! is the go-to place for modern Medical Transcriptionists to find the resources and support they are looking for online. Whether you are wondering if this is the right career for you, or you are a seasoned veteran of the industry doing research for your report, you will find an abundance of useful tools and information on this site.

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Affordable Medical Transcription

Is Medical Transcription the right career for you? Start here for valuable information about training for the career of Medical Transcription. We have everything from a beginner's checklist to practice dictation.


Affordable Medical Transcription

Working transcriptions and advanced students of medical transcription can use our resources to help make their job easier. From custom medical term search engines to medical word lists, we have a helpful collection of useful tools and links.


Find medical transcription services

Are you a medical provider that is in need of medical transcription services for your office?  We have a wide variety of transcription services to fit any medical practice.


Volunteering as a Medical Transcriptionist
When seeking medical transcription job opportunities, market yourself to local medical transcription agencies. Set up an appointment or interview, if possible. Expand your network by talking to everyone you can in the medical transcription field and let them know that you are willing to do whatever it takes, including volunteer work, to get your foot in the door. Do not forget to thank those who have helped you along the way.
Sample Medical Transcription Resume
Many medical transcriptionists want a sample medical transcription resume to follow. Check out our short list of resume tips, and a sample medical transcription resume for a beginning transcriptionist.
Sample Medical Reports
New students and transcriptionists looking for their first job should refine their listening skills by using sample medical reports. Use our trusted sources for sample medical dictation and medical transcription for practice.
Professional Medical Transcription Supplies
As a transcriptionist working remotely from home, it will be your responsibility to purchase and maintain your own equipment and software necessary to do the job. Here is a list of medical transcription supplies that every professional medical transcriptionist needs.
Medical Transcription Word Differentiation
Medical language is full of confusing terms, abbreviations and variations. Medical transcriptionists are medical language specialists, who must determine proper usage of medical terms, abbreviations, and phrases within medical reports. Word differentiation is an important skill for any medical transcriptionist. Here is a list of common medical word sound-alikes.